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Shared Card is currently in various stages of production for all genres of film and television written and created by our in house writers and developers. For all of the projects in our slate we obtain complete control. Having complete control of our properties saves time that is usually wasted on acquisitions, allowing us to re-channel that energy on developing ideas and polishing scripts.

Shared Card Films, LLC is a multimedia company that creates, develops, aquires and markets commercially viable, high-quality entertainment in the fields of film and television. Our main focus is to produce strong stories and riveting entertainment that will be displayed through theatrical films, miniseries, primetime dramas and sit-coms, made-for-tv and made-for-cable movies. The intent is to provide entertaining viewing reflective of and catering to the diversity of American and global cultures. The company was formed by the creative team of Cristi Harris, Tony Hannagan and Shawn Harris. The partners have combined their talents, relationships and experience to establish a company that will produce progressive, mainstream and high quality material into the market place. 

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